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It is your choice! You can play with only your friends or pair up with other guest. You will be able to make this selection at booking.
Typically the game will last 60 minutes. We will have a short introduction to the game and with photos and debriefing after, so you may spend approximately 90 minutes with us.
No special skills or ability are required to play, except maybe staying calm while having fun under pressure.
For the complete experience it is best to remain in the game until your group escapes. But you can always leave in an emergency situation.
Absolutely! You can contact our offices via phone or email and discuss the specific needs for your group or event.
Our large front lobby area is perfect for pre game and post game meetings to discuss how your team did and how well they worked together in each of our games. We can also provide catering for your group or party if you choose.
Our rooms require an analytical as well as a common sense thought process in order to succeed. Degree of difficulty without clues........good luck!
Anyone looking for an escape from every day humdrum, same ole same ole, things to do. We recommend children under 7 do not play as they may not fully understand the games. Players under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a legal guardian. If you are wanting an Adventure you will talk about long after you played, 60 minute Escape is for you.

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